Reading Is Fundamental prepares kids for a lifetime of opportunity. Through partnerships with book publishers, volunteers, community groups, organizations, and like-minded corporations, RIF has distributed over 415 million books and impacted the lives of more than 40 million children in all 50 states. 

With help from you and thousands of others, our impact is significant and life changing.

Impact in Our Communities

RIF national is able to reach more children through our many local partners and organizations.  Here is a closer look at what has been achieved in some key cities throughout the United States.

Southwest Human Development

Phoenix, AZ

Provided 135,000 kids with new books in 2016

Southwest Human Development has been a RIF partner for 24 years. Their mission is to strengthen the foundation for Arizona’s children through the power of reading in order to provide a strong start in life. In partnership with individual families, Southwest Human Development provides children with the care, attention, and support needed to set them on a path to success in school and life, and help them reach their full potential. They provide 40 innovative programs and services to 135,000 children and their families each year.

Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership (MDFLP)

Miami, FL

Provided 100,000 new books to impact 50,000 kids in 2016

The Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership has been a RIF partner for the past 16 years. MDFLP’s Reach out and Read program gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care. RIF has been a proud book distribution partner in this effort. The program serves 50,000 children in 60 pediatric/medical clinics throughout Miami-Dade County.

RIF of Southern California, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Provided 210,700 books to impact 67,44 kids in 2016

RIF of Southern California, Inc. has been a RIF partner for 39 years, currently serving children across 234 project sites – which include elementary schools, preschools, Head Start sites, and community based organizations in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. With the support of more than 5,000 volunteers, RIF of Southern California is able to bring much-needed literacy resources to disadvantaged children and strengthen the literacy support of their schools and communities.

RIF Impact Up Close & Personal

See how the power of reading can encourage kids to open doors – a skill that stays with them forever and often begins with a RIF book.

Sangita and Ketan

Los Angeles, CA

You never know what kinds of doors a book will open. That's why RIF was so excited to hear how we helped a pair of former RIF kids change their world.

Sangita and Ketan wrote us to say that they had recently come upon Ketan's first RIF book, The Forgotten Door, a book so important to him that he had kept it for 29 years!

So what happened to these two RIF kids inspired by a love of reading?

Sangita told us: “My husband and I came from less-fortunate backgrounds. RIF opened the door to a whole new world of reading for both us and contributed to our growth as adults. He's an electrical engineer and I'm a CEO of a children's education company."

As Ketan said: “We both believe strongly in literacy-not just reading, but the importance of being functionally literate. Literacy leads to freedom, opportunity, and success. Thank you, RIF! Keep up the important work.”


Parish, LA

In 1982, in second grade, Patrick selected a RIF book about the discovery of the ancient city of Troy. He wrote to RIF, "I fell in love with archaeology after reading that book. Not many people can pinpoint that eureka moment in their life when they decide to be something, but I can. That day was my eureka moment."


Brooklyn, NY

“Giving us books is a good thing and you should keep on doing it because it has given kids a chance to read. I thank you for giving books because it can really change somebody's life knowing that someone cares.”

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